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Since the year before last, the concept of a built-in bypass #softstarter suddenly caught fire. Various manufacturers have also introduced their own #softstarters with built-in bypass. In the next article, we will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the built-in bypass soft starter that suddenly became popular. The built-in bypass #softstarter is not a simple case of enlargement, and then put a bypass contactor inside. Instead, reset the whole, because a series of problems such as heat dissipation, wiring, and volume need to be considered. The built-in bypass #softstarter adopts a three-in-three-out wiring method. Only a circuit breaker, a soft starter and related secondary equipment need to be installed in the cabinet, which greatly saves labor and auxiliary materials. Because the built-in bypass #softstarter saves the position of a contactor, it will save a lot of space, and the volume of the natural cabinet can be reduced accordingly, or it can be well solved in some special cases. The built-in bypass #softstarter integrates a variety of motor protection functions, such as overcurrent, overload, phase loss, thyristor short circuit, overheat protection, internal contactor fault, phase current imbalance, etc. not be damaged.

The advantages of the built-in #softstarter can be roughly divided into the following four points: the first circuit is simple The built-in bypass soft starter adopts the wiring method of three inputs and three outputs. The second is natural air cooling. The thyristor is only responsible for starting and stopping, which avoids the power consumption and heat dissipation caused by the online operation of the thyristor. The third saves the space of the complete set, and does not need to install an AC contactor. The fourth and better protection function is due to the integrated design of the thyristor and the mechanical contact. The intelligent controller realizes that the mechanical contact has no arc, so that the electrical life of the mechanical contact is equal to the mechanical life, which solves the problem that the contactor has long been difficult to achieve. Compared with the bypass soft starter, the reliability of the contactor is greatly improved.

First of all, we need to clarify one thing. The application of soft starter is mainly used in the starting stage of the motor. After the motor enters the power frequency, it must enter the bypass contact work. Bypass contactors are divided into external bypass and built-in bypass. External bypass can realize cascade function, one #softstart can start multiple motors continuously, but the cost is high. The built-in bypass can only control one motor, does not support the cascade function, the power range is relatively narrow, and the cost is lower. For users who only control one motor and do not need the cascade function, the built-in bypass saves costs and reduces wiring time. So what’s the harm in using the built-in bypass? The first current passes through the soft starter for a long time, which will reduce the service life of the internal thyristor; the second will cause pollution to the front-end power supply; the third will reduce the efficiency of electric energy use.


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