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The mining design of modern coal mine working face gradually develops in the direction of working face direction, large inclination length, high mining height and large daily output, which requires the working face to be equipped with belt conveyor with large transportation capacity and good start-up performance. Traditional belt conveyors generally use power frequency dragging, hydraulic closing device, liquid-viscous soft start, CST and other methods for soft start. The above soft start has low transmission efficiency, large starting electric shock and mechanical shock, and inability to balance power, etc. The problems caused the uneconomical operation of the system: the belt and the hydraulic finer are seriously worn, the repair and maintenance costs are high, and there are great potential safety hazards.

2.1. Realize soft start of belt conveyor

The belt conveyor is driven by a frequency converter, and the soft start of the motor and the soft start of the belt conveyor are combined into one. The slow start of the motor drives the belt conveyor to start slowly, and the energy stored in the belt is slowly released to make the belt conveyor The tension wave formed during the starting process is extremely small, which hardly causes damage to the belt. When starting with a heavy load, the belt can be pre-tightened, and the belt is not easy to slip, which avoids the accident of crushing the belt.

2.2. Reduce equipment maintenance

The frequency converter is an integration of electronic devices, which converts the mechanical life into the electronic life. The life is very long and the maintenance of the equipment is greatly reduced. At the same time, the soft start function of the frequency converter is used to realize the soft start of the belt conveyor, which basically has no impact on the machinery during the starting process, and greatly reduces the maintenance of the mechanical part of the belt conveyor system. Correspondingly, maintenance costs are reduced.

2.3, convenient belt maintenance

After the use of frequency conversion speed regulation, the running speed of the belt conveyor can be reduced to a very slow level, which solves the problem that the belt was difficult to repair due to the excessively fast running speed of the belt conveyor, and improves the maintenance efficiency of the belt; the inverter can control the belt to stop instantly when it stops. , The buffer distance is short, and it is necessary to stop at the designated position when using the belt conveyor to transport materials and unload, pinch the belt to find the joint clip, or in an emergency. It brings great convenience to the field operation and improves the safety factor.

2.4. Energy saving

Under normal circumstances, coal mine motors have a relatively large margin in the design process, and most of them cannot run at full load during operation. It is known from the design and operating characteristics of the motor that the motor has the highest efficiency and the best power factor only when it is close to full load, and decreases when it is lightly loaded, causing unnecessary power loss. This is because when the load is light, the active component of the stator current is very small, mainly the reactive component of the excitation, so the power factor is very low. After using the frequency converter to drive, the power factor in the whole process. Up to 0.9 or more, which greatly saves reactive power.


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