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What if there is no suitable soft starter, can a high-power soft starter bring a small motor? Generally, the specifications of low-voltage motor soft start are 5.5-600KW, which are mainly used for starting and running protection of different power motors. Power cabinets using soft starters do not need to add other motor protection products, and only need circuit breakers, soft starters, measuring instruments and related buttons in the cabinet. Because the soft starter has integrated current and voltage protection, such as overcurrent, overload, undervoltage and lack of equality. There is really no need to add other protectors.

If the high-power soft starter is used to debug the cabinet, it is best to have a light bulb. .

For example, 200KW with a small motor can be started very quickly, because the rated current of the small motor is small, and the high-power soft starter cannot detect the running current, it will report a phase loss fault. .

If debugging, bring a light bulb and look at the three-phase trigger to measure the quality of the soft start or control loop. . .

When the high-power soft starter runs with a small motor on site, pay attention to the setting of the protection parameters of the soft starter, otherwise various protection functions may fail.

For example, if it is a water pump with low power, a 90KW soft start with a 90KW motor can be used. .

For heavy loads, such as fans, belt conveyors, etc., it is recommended that you choose a soft start of 115KW.

The 90KW soft starter is equipped with a 75KW motor. After all, the big horse-drawn trolley is relatively stable and reliable.

However, high-power soft starters with small motors also have problems, such as inaccurate protection functions such as current limiting, overcurrent, and phase current imbalance, causing the soft starter to malfunction.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if the motor power is a little bigger than the soft starter power, as long as the starting current does not exceed 400% of the soft starter’s rated current, it can handle it. However, it depends on whether the load carried by the motor can start at the maximum current allowed by the soft starter. So the question in the title: Can a 250kw soft starter bring a 127kw motor? The answer is yes, not only that, as long as the parameters of the 250kw soft start are set, there is no problem in starting the 260kw motor.


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