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Whether the intermediate relay is DC or AC, the working principle is the same, the only difference is the voltage level. The working principle of the intermediate relay is the same as that of the relay and the AC contactor. When the contactor coil is energized, the coil current will generate a magnetic field, and the generated magnetic field will cause the static iron core to generate electromagnetic attraction to attract the moving iron core and drive the AC contactor point action, normally closed contact is disconnected, normally open contact is closed, the two are linked. When the coil is powered off, the electromagnetic attraction disappears, and the armature is released under the action of the release spring, so that the contacts are restored, the normally open contacts are disconnected, and the normally closed contacts are closed.

The role of the intermediate relay

So why distinguish between intermediate relays and AC contactors? AC contactors mainly play the role of controlling the power supply in the circuit and are used in the main circuit of the main circuit, while the intermediate relays mainly exist in the control circuit, which controls the circuit, Convert and expand the role of contacts. When the auxiliary contacts of the AC contactor are not enough, the contacts of the intermediate relay can be used instead. However, the contact capacity of the intermediate relay is relatively small, generally around 5A. It is possible for circuit feedback or control, but It cannot directly drive high-power loads.

What is the difference between AC and DC?

Having said so much, what is the difference? First of all, we need to understand that AC means AC voltage level, commonly used are 220VAC, 380VAC. DC means DC voltage level, commonly used are 12VDC, 24VDC, if you want to get DC voltage requires the use of a switching power supply. In principle, the intermediate relays of DC and AC voltage are the same, but the internal coils are different. In appearance, the indicator light of the DC intermediate relay is green, and the indicator light of the AC intermediate relay is red, and there will be voltage on the surface of the coil. callout.

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