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Foreword: Inverter repairers must keep in mind that the inverter module and the drive circuit are strongly related to failures. When the inverter module bursts and damages, the drive circuit is bound to be damaged by impact. The damage of the inverter module may also be caused by the failure of the drive circuit. Therefore, whether it is a failure of the drive circuit or the inverter output circuit, it must be The inverter output circuit and the drive circuit are thoroughly inspected together. The power-on test of the main circuit must be carried out under the premise that the drive circuit is normal and can output six excitation pulses normally.

30KW inverter, power-on display 888888

All key operations fail. Dismantling and checking, it is found that there are four filter capacitors on the secondary side of the power circuit with bulging phenomenon, two 16V 1000 microfarads and two 35V 200 microfarads. It is judged that the cause of the fault may be the insufficient capacity of the filter capacitors, or the loss of capacity. Two 35V 1000 microfarad capacitors and two 50V 200 microfarads were removed from an old board. After soldering, the driver board was tested and the display was normal. The buttons on the operation panel responded normally, and the repair was completed.

Inverter power failure

A 132KW inverter has a black screen fault. Part of the wire drawing machine stopped in the wire drawing workshop, and restarted production after half a month. As a result, the inverter went black after being powered on. It was judged that the switching power supply was faulty on the spot. The inverter was removed, and the driver board was tested separately. After the normal power failure, the screen goes black, which eliminates the possibility of short circuit of the load. It is not possible to replace the 3844. The test load is normal. The power circuit components are all removed and no abnormality is found. Now, (the original is 35 volts, 47 microfarads,) replaced a 100 microfarads 50 volts capacitor, everything is normal after power-on. It is estimated that the capacity of the power supply filter capacitor is not enough, causing the 3844 to not start.


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