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In the classification of frequency converters, frequency converters with a voltage lower than 690V are classified as low-voltage frequency converters. In recent years, with the development of electronic component technology, frequency converters are more and more widely used, and the performance and technology of low-voltage frequency converters are also constantly maturing. Low-voltage frequency converters are widely used in machinery and equipment.

Common application fields of low-voltage inverters are as follows:

1. Fan: With the continuous development of the industry, the application of fans is becoming more and more extensive, especially in the chemical, stone, and textile industries that can be applied to fans. In the fan design, there is a problem of excessive air volume. When the air volume needs to be adjusted, throttling is generally used, that is, the damper adjustment method, which is unnecessary loss. After using frequency conversion speed regulation, it can be easily adjusted according to actual needs. Unnecessary losses are removed, and the power factor is improved at the same time, and the comprehensive power saving rate is above 30%.

2. Speed regulation machinery: In the machinery that needs speed regulation, such as: extruder, material feed regulation, conveyor belt, etc., basically use slip regulation motor, three-phase commutator motor or DC motor speed regulation, speed regulation of speed regulation motor Poor performance, poor speed stability, high failure rate and low efficiency. However, DC motors and commutator motors have complex structures, high failure rates, and high maintenance costs. Sparks are generated when they work, which is extremely unsafe. The speed regulation stability of the above motors is poor. If the above motors are replaced by asynchronous motors and variable frequency speed regulators, the efficiency can be greatly improved, the power saving, the maintenance amount is small, the safety and reliability, and the investment return period is short, which is extremely beneficial to improving the economic benefits of enterprises. favorable.

In the field of low-voltage inverter applications, low-voltage inverters have been applied in all walks of life in my country, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking, machinery and other industries. More specific applications, small applications such as blowers, conveyors, feeders, mixers, grinders, pulverizers, paper cutters, calenders, extruders, valves, compressors, cooling pedals, plastics Machinery, elevators, various textile industries, etc.; large-scale application fields such as paper machines in paper mills, injection molding machines in mold factories, rolling mills in metallurgical plants, and fans, pumps, cranes, oil pipelines, etc. in chemical industries.


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