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1. Instantaneous stop:

The cause of this fault is generally caused by the wrong wiring of the external control. If the user does not particularly need external control, we can tell the user to only set the parameter of the internal function code “9” (control mode) of the soft starter to “1”. ” (keyboard control), this fault can be avoided.

2. The starting time is too long:

This fault occurs because the current limit value of the soft starter is set too low and the start time of the soft starter is too long. The parameter setting is higher, which can be set to 1.5~2.0 times. It must be paid attention to whether the power of the motor matches the power of the soft starter. If it does not match, in the case of a large difference, set the parameter to 4 savagely. ~5 times, after starting and running for a period of time, the internal silicon module or thyristor will be burned out due to excessive current.

3. Input phase loss:

(1) Check whether the incoming power supply and the motor wiring are loose; (2) Whether the output is connected to the load and whether the load matches the motor; (3) Use a multimeter to check whether the soft starter module or thyristor has breakdown, and Whether their trigger gate resistance meets the requirements under normal conditions (generally around 20~30 ohms); (4) Whether the internal wiring socket is loose. All of the above factors may lead to the occurrence of this fault, which can be ruled out as long as careful detection and correct judgment are made.

4. Frequency error:

This fault is due to a problem with the soft starter’s processing of the internal power signal, causing a power frequency error. When this happens, you need to consult the company’s product development software design engineers to deal with it. Mainly to improve the power circuit design.

5. Parameter error:

If this fault occurs, you need to restart the machine and enter the factory value once. Specific operation: first cut off the control power of the soft starter (AC 220V), press and hold the “PRG” key on the soft starter control panel with one finger, then supply the control power of the soft starter, release the “PRG” key after about 30S ” key to re-enter the current factory value.

6. Starting overcurrent:

The starting overcurrent is caused by the load is too heavy and the starting current exceeds 500%. The solution is: set the internal function code “0” (starting voltage) of the soft starter to a higher value, or set the function code “1” again. ” (rise time) is set to be longer, it can be set to: 30~60S. There is also whether the current limiting value of the function code “4” is properly set, generally 2~3 times.


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