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7. Running overcurrent:

The main reason for this fault may be that during the operation of the soft starter, the module or the thyristor heats up due to the heavy load. You can check whether the load matches the power of the soft starter, and try to use as much soft starter as possible to pull as much motor load as possible.

8. Output phase loss:

It is mainly to check whether the incoming and outgoing cables are loose, whether the soft starter output phase is out of phase or the motor is damaged.

9. During the debugging process, there is a failure of starting phase loss, the soft starter fault light is on, and the motor does not respond.

The reasons for the failure may be: a- When the starting method is electrified, the operation sequence is wrong (the correct operation sequence should be to send the main power first, and then send the control power). b- The power supply phase is missing, the soft starter protection action (check the power supply) c- The output end of the soft starter is not connected to the load (the soft starter can work normally only after the output end is connected to the load)

10. When the user is using it, the start-up is completed, and the bypass contactor does not pull in.

The reasons for the failure may be: a-During the starting process, the protection device malfunctioned due to the small setting. (Re-set the protection device) b- During debugging, the parameter setting of the soft starter is unreasonable. (mainly aimed at the soft starter below 55KW, reset the parameters of the soft starter) c- The control circuit is in poor contact (check the control circuit)

11. During the starting process, the user occasionally jumps the air switch.

The reasons for the failure are: a- The setting value of the long delay time of the air switch is too small or the selection of the air switch and the motor do not match. (The parameters of the air switch are appropriately enlarged or the air switch is re-selected) b- The initial voltage parameter of the soft starter is set too high or the starting time is too long. (According to the load conditions, the starting voltage should be appropriately reduced or the starting time should be appropriately shortened.) c During the starting process, the voltage fluctuation of the grid is relatively large, which may easily cause the soft starter to issue wrong commands. Pre-bypass phenomenon occurs. (It is recommended that users do not start high-power motors at the same time.) d-start with full load when starting (minimize the load when starting)

12. When the user uses the soft starter, there is no display on the display or garbled characters appear, and the soft starter does not work.

The cause of the failure may be: a- The vibration generated by the external components during use of the soft starter makes the internal wiring of the soft starter loose (open the soft-lifted cover and re-insert the display wiring) b- The soft starter control board is faulty (contact the manufacturer to replace the control board)


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