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Decompression starting cabinets are commonly used star-delta starting cabinets. The disadvantage is that the starting torque is small, and it is only suitable for no-load or light-load starting. The advantage is that the price is cheap.

The soft start cabinet can set the start time and initial torque to realize the soft start cabinet and soft stop of the equipment, and can limit the starting current, and the price is moderate.

The soft start cabinet is a combination of thyristor AC voltage regulation technology and power factor control technology. It realizes the motor soft start cabinet and soft stop through thyristor voltage regulation, and does not have the function of speed regulation.

The common methods of decompression starting cabinet are auto-coupling decompression starting cabinet and Y-Δ starting. The advantage of auto-coupling decompression starting cabinet is that the starting torque is large. When its winding tap is at 80%, the starting The torque can reach 64% of the direct starting. And the starting torque can be adjusted by the tap. is still widely used.

The difference between the soft start cabinet and the traditional decompression start cabinet is:

①No inrush current. When the soft-start cabinet starts the motor, by gradually increasing the conduction angle of the thyristor, the starting current of the motor increases linearly from zero to a fixed value. There is no impact on the motor, which improves the reliability of power supply, starts smoothly, reduces the impact torque on the load machinery, and prolongs the service life of the machine.

②It has the function of soft stop, that is, smooth deceleration and gradual stop, which can overcome the disadvantages of instantaneous power failure and stop, impact on heavy-duty machinery, avoid the water hammer effect of the elevation water supply system, and reduce equipment damage.

③The starting parameters are adjustable, which can be freely adjusted to the starting current according to the load conditions and the characteristics of the power grid relay protection.


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