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Fire control cabinet (automatic control cabinet) is a kind of industrial control equipment that is more common in our lives, such as corridors, underground parking lots, gas stations and other public places. However, many friends do not know what it is called or what it is used for. The following ZJSHUI editor will explain what is a fire control cabinet.

The fire control cabinet is a safe fire fighting tool provided by the pump factory. Its main purpose is to protect the pump motor from overvoltage, short circuit and overload. And also has a sound and light alarm function. It plays an important role in extinguishing fire and is also a fire safety device that can help control the fire after a fire occurs.

There are many ways to start the control cabinet, including direct start, soft start, star-delta start, auto-coupling start, etc.

What is direct start?

A: A start-up method that can be started directly, without waiting time or reducing voltage before starting.

What is soft start?

Answer: The voltage is slowly increased from zero to the rated voltage, so that the starting current of the motor during the starting process is changed from the past overload surge current to a controllable current. The starting current can be adjusted as required. The motor has no shock torque throughout the start, but the start runs smoothly. Yes, it’s a soft start.

What is a star-delta startup?

Answer: When the load does not have strict requirements on the starting torque of the motor, and the starting current of the motor is limited, the motor meets the 380V wiring conditions. When the motor is in normal operation, the stator windings are connected in a delta, which is a star-delta starting.

What is auto-start?

Answer: Autotransformer startup refers to the use of autotransformer to reduce the startup voltage applied to the stator winding of the motor when the motor starts, which is called an autotransformer.

So what are the components of the fire control cabinet? A: Two incoming line switches, surge protectors, dual power switches, circuit breakers, contactors, thermal relays, indicator lights, buttons and control cabinets.


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