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Double power switch is a power switch that automatically switches to another power supply because of power failure. Generally, double power switch is widely used in high-rise buildings, computer rooms, residential areas, hospitals, airports, docks, fire, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile and other important places that do not allow power failure.

Dual power automatic switching switch refers to a device controlled by a microprocessor, which is used to switch between grid power and grid power or grid power and generator power in the power grid system, so that the power supply can be continuously supplied. Series dual power supply, when the common power suddenly failure or power failure, through the dual power switch, automatically into the backup power supply, (under small load backup power can also be powered by the generator), so that the equipment can still run normally. The most common are elevators, fire protection, monitoring, lighting and so on.

The two circuit breakers have reliable mechanical interlocking device and electrical interlocking protection, completely eliminate the possibility of two circuit breakers closing at the same time, the use of double row composite contact, cross-connecting mechanism, micromotor prestorage and microelectronic control technology, basically achieve zero arc (no arc extinguisher cover), with obvious on/off position indication, padlock function, Reliable isolation between power and load high reliability, service life more than 8000 times, mechanical and electrical integrated design, switch conversion accurate, flexible, reliable electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability, external interference, high automation program.

Double power automatic switch has short circuit, overload protection function, over voltage, under voltage, phase loss automatic conversion function and intelligent alarm function, automatic conversion parameters can be freely set outside, with intelligent protection function of operating motor, when the fire control center gives a control signal into the intelligent controller, two circuit breakers enter the state, leaving the computer networking interface. In order to achieve remote control, remote adjustment, remote message, telemetry and other four remote functions.

Automatic type does not need any external control components beautiful appearance, small size, light weight by the logic control board, with different logic to manage the motor directly installed in the switch, transmission dynamic operation to ensure the position of the switch, the motor is polyneoprene rubber insulated wet heat motor equipped with safety devices, trip in 110℃ humidity and over current state, After the fault disappeared automatically put into work, reversible reduction gear using spur gear.

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