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Today in the 21st century, the global energy shortage, the voice of energy conservation is getting louder and louder, and advanced energy conservation technology has gradually become a bright spot in the society. In many energy-saving enterprises, it is generally believed that ball mills are difficult to control, and the amount of electricity consumed by electrical equipment is determined by its electromechanical characteristics, and subjective control is powerless. Obviously, this notion is wrong. Under the severe situation of power consumption across the country, Viken Inverter uses advanced frequency conversion energy-saving technical measures to minimize the energy consumption of the ball mill, which not only protects the environment but also creates economic benefits for the enterprise. The enterprise can reduce operating costs by at least 5-10%.

In the enterprise, the power of the ball mill is relatively large, accounting for more than 80% of the total electricity consumption of the enterprise. The basic structure of various ball mills is basically the same, but some of their parts are different. It consists of feeder, discharger, air shaft, bearing, transmission, and lubrication system.

After the ball mill is installed with the frequency conversion energy-saving control system, the following effects have been achieved:

⑴. After the transformation, the equipment can realize automatic control, and the function of mains/power-saving switching, and can overcome the rebound voltage caused by the large inertia of the ball mill, effectively ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.

(2) Using the automatic voltage regulation function of the inverter, it can maintain the highest motor efficiency under the condition that it has nothing to do with the load. Due to the elimination of shock during starting, the service life of mechanical parts such as crankshaft, gearbox gears, and belts is prolonged, and maintenance costs are reduced.

(3) The ball mill drive system is transformed by using the frequency conversion speed regulation technology, which meets the characteristics of low speed operation and large starting torque of the ball mill, and realizes the continuous adjustment of the running speed of the ball mill. There is no inrush current when the motor starts, the starting power distance is sufficient, and the protection function is perfect. It ensures the quality of process control and saves maintenance costs.

⑷. After the ball mill uses frequency conversion speed regulation, the starting current is reduced, the real soft start is realized, and the energy saving effect is also received. The starting current is greatly reduced, which will not cause the impact on the power grid and the voltage drop of the power grid, and eliminate the tripping or failure of other electrical equipment caused by the starting of the ball mill. Under the same power grid capacity, the number of installed units can be increased.

⑸, Built-in PLC multi-speed automatic operation function, the frequency converter can easily set the grinding time, the grinding time and the automatic stop function, which makes the operation more intelligent and humanized.

⑹. The energy-saving effect of ball mill frequency conversion speed regulation energy-saving system can generally reach about 12% to 15%.


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