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Inverter and servo drive are the most widely used driving equipment in the transmission system. When talking about the difference between the two, many people only know that inverter is often used in low-end mechanical equipment, while servo drive is mostly used in high-end mechanical equipment. This is a relatively general statement.

Frequency converter is a power control device that uses the on-off function of power semiconductor devices to convert power frequency power into another frequency. It can realize the functions of soft start, frequency conversion, speed regulation, improving operation accuracy and changing power factors of AC asynchronous motor. Frequency converter can drive frequency conversion motor, common AC motor, mainly acts as the role of adjusting the motor speed. Frequency converter is usually composed of rectifier unit, intermediate circuit, inverter and controller.

Servo system is an automatic control system that enables the object’s position, orientation, state and other output controlled quantity to follow the arbitrary change of the input target (or a given value). The main task is to amplify, transform and regulate the power according to the requirements of the control command, so that the torque, speed and position of the output of the driving device is very flexible and convenient.

A servo system is a feedback control system used to accurately follow or reproduce a process. Also known as follow up system. In many cases, servo system refers to the feedback control system in which the controlled quantity (the output of the system) is the mechanical displacement or the displacement velocity and acceleration. Its function is to make the output mechanical displacement (or Angle) accurately track the input displacement (or Angle). There is no difference in principle between the structural composition of servo system and other forms of feedback control system.

The difference between the two

1. Different overload capabilities. The servo drive generally has a 3X overload capacity, which can be used to overcome the inertia torque of the inertial load at the start moment, while the frequency converter generally allows 1.5X overload.

2. Control accuracy. The control accuracy of the servo system is much higher than that of the frequency conversion, and the control accuracy of the servo motor is usually guaranteed by the rotary encoder at the back of the motor shaft. The control accuracy of some servo systems even reaches 1:1000

3. Different application scenarios. Frequency conversion control and servo control are two categories of control. The former belongs to the field of transmission control and the latter belongs to the field of motion control. One is to meet the requirements of general industrial applications, the performance index is not high requirements of the application, the pursuit of low cost. The other is the pursuit of high precision, high performance, high response.

4.Different acceleration and deceleration performance. Under no-load condition, the servo motor is processed from static state to 2000r/min, and the time will not exceed 20ms. The acceleration time of the motor depends on the inertia of the motor shaft and the load. Usually the larger the inertia the longer the acceleration time.


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