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1. The motor can’t get up

There are two reasons why the motor cannot start. One is that one of the six thyristors is unreliable or non-conductive, the one-phase circuit passes half-wave DC, and the two-phase winding of the motor passes through the DC to start the motor. When the braking effect is reached, not only the motor cannot be started, but also the motor and the thyristor will be burned in serious cases. The second is that the motor cannot be started due to improper starting parameters or starting curve, which is the most common fault problem.

The former occurs in use, but the probability is lower than the failure rate of the contactor. The latter mostly occurs in the first transport adjustment, and no longer occurs after the adjustment. Most of the soft starter manufacturers’ products do not have this problem, the performance of the startup program is good, and the factory value setting has strong applicability. There are only a few manufacturers’ products that require manufacturers to adjust themselves.

2. The thyristor is burnt

The thyristor is destroyed or exploded. This kind of failure has nothing to do with domestic and foreign brands, but the failure rate is lower than that of the contactor. The main problem appears in the installation technology of the pie-type thyristor.

3. Controller burnout

Compared with the soft starter, the controller burns the most seriously. Some manufacturers have this failure with repair rates in excess of 30%. Such problems are rare for imported and joint-venture manufacturers, mainly because the three parts of the controller’s power supply, trigger circuit and input circuit are easily burned.

4. Soft starter malfunction

When the soft starter is disturbed and stopped under the running device, when the soft starter is disturbed to start, the former is common, and the latter has only two brands. The main reasons for the malfunction are: one is the product quality problem, and the other is related to the circuit layout.

5. The internal plug-in of the soft starter is in poor contact

The choice of the internal plug-in of the soft starter is not a problem. This is a problem that domestic manufacturers are easy to ignore, so failures often occur.


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