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In order to ensure that the frequency converter can operate stably in the hot summer and reduce the unnecessary unexpected downtime caused by improper maintenance or poor site operating environment, let’s take a look at the countermeasures to solve the corresponding problems.

Cause one: If the ambient temperature is too high, the temperature of the components in the frequency converter is too high. To protect the internal circuits of the frequency converter, the frequency converter reports a high temperature fault and stops.

Countermeasures: The temperature of the place where the low frequency converter is located. For example, air conditioning or fans can be installed to force cooling measures.

Reason two: The frequency converter is poorly ventilated. If the air duct of the frequency converter itself is blocked or the air duct of the control cabinet is blocked, the heat dissipation inside the frequency converter will be affected, leading to the overheating alarm of the frequency converter.

Countermeasures: Regular maintenance of frequency converter, removal of garbage in its air duct, smooth air duct.

Reason three: The fan is blocked or damaged, and a large amount of heat accumulates in the frequency converter and cannot be dispersed.

Solution: Replace the fan.

Reason four: When the load of the frequency converter is too heavy, it will produce too much current, generate a lot of heat, and sometimes the frequency converter will also overheat alarm.

Countermeasure: Reduce the load or increase the capacity of frequency converter.

Frequency converter alarm is a kind of protection, can protect the frequency converter itself, cable, motor, prevent damage. The frequency converter manual will give the solution to the common faults of the frequency converter, which can generally be solved. There’s no point in knowing what the alarm code means. It makes sense to fix these problems.

Overload, over current, over voltage and under voltage are common alarms of frequency converter. The alarm of frequency converter is either caused by problems in the external environment or damaged by the frequency converter itself. How to judge it? In fact, it is very simple, just need to remove the motor, let the frequency converter run no-load, if it is still alarm, it is generally the frequency converter itself has problems, such as the detection of current damage, it will mistakenly alarm over current.


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