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Due to the continuous development and progress of power electronics technology, with the new control theory proposed and improved, the AC speed drive, especially the excellent performance of variable frequency speed drive has been rapid development. In recent years, the price of #frequencyconverter has been falling, and its use function has been improved and expanded, it is now widely used from some hundreds of watts of household equipment to some thousands of kilowatts of large industrial transmission device drive. Ac frequency conversion speed regulation has been from the original can only be used for fan, water pump speed transition to the application of all kinds of high precision, fast response of high performance speed regulation indicators of the industrial site.

The #inverter consists of three parts, the “rectifier” that converts the power frequency power into DC power, the “smoothing circuit” that absorbs the voltage pulsation generated by the converter and the #inverter, and the “rectifier” that converts the DC power to AC power. Inverter”. The main circuit is the power conversion part that provides the voltage regulation and frequency regulation power supply for the asynchronous motor. The main circuit of the frequency converter can be roughly divided into two categories: the voltage type is the frequency converter that converts the DC of the voltage source into the AC, and the filter of the DC circuit is the capacitor. . The current type is a frequency converter that converts the DC of the current source into an AC, and its DC loop filter is an inductance.

The main function of the frequency converter in the table saw is to adjust the speed. When the actual output frequency of the frequency converter is less than 50Hz, there is still a certain energy saving effect.

It also contains other functions. First of all, the acceleration function can be controlled, so as to smoothly accelerate according to the needs of the user. Secondly, the stopping method of the motor and the equipment is controllable, which makes the whole equipment and system safer, and the service life will be increased accordingly. Then, the starting current of the motor is controlled to fully reduce the starting current, so that the maintenance cost of the motor is reduced. Finally, the wear of mechanical transmission components can be reduced, thereby reducing the procurement cost, and at the same time, the system stability can be improved.

Technical advantages of frequency converter

1. For complex rotary cutting objects, the starting torque is large to ensure that the motor has strong cutting force and uniform output during low-speed heavy cutting. Ensure the smoothness of the rotary cutting and restart the work after stopping the knife at high speed.

2. Real-time dynamic high-speed operation ensures that the thickness of the peeling is always kept at the set value, so that the uniformity error of the veneer is within ±0.1mm under normal peeling. In some mechanical equipment, the lubricity is good, and the connection process is precise, and the error can be within ±0.05mm.

3. Strong adaptability, wide range of working voltage design. In the case of voltage fluctuations, the output torque is kept constant, and the normal operation of the rotary cutting can be satisfied when the rated voltage is above 60℅.

4. The wide speed range is adjustable, the rotary cutting speed is fast, and the efficiency is high, which can meet the occasions where the line speed of the plate is high.


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