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How the time relay works

Time relay refers to a relay whose output circuit needs to change significantly (or contact action) after adding (or removing) the input action signal within the specified accurate time. It is an electrical component used in lower voltage or lower current circuits to turn on or off higher voltage and higher current circuits. With the development of electronic technology, electronic time relays have become the mainstream products in time relays. The electronic intelligent digital display time relay using large-scale integrated circuit technology has a variety of working modes, which can not only realize long delay, but also have high delay accuracy, small size, convenient adjustment and long service life, making the control system simpler and more reliable. . The time relay also has the function of automatic monitoring. The time relay and other equipment together form a program space path to realize the automatic operation of the equipment.

A time relay is a relay that is generated by the output circuit within a specified and accurate time after adding or removing the input action signal. It is used to connect or cut off high-voltage and high-current circuits, and is used in low-current circuits.

The time relay is a very important part in the electrical control system. In many control systems, time relays are used to achieve delay control. Time relay is an automatic control electrical appliance that uses the principle of electromagnetic or mechanical action to delay the closing or opening of contacts. It is characterized by a delay from the signal obtained by the attracting coil to the contact action. Motor startup process.

When the coil is energized, the iron core attracts the armature and the support plate and moves down, and the contacts are connected or disconnected. The piston rod and lever are slowly lowered by the damping effect. After a certain period of time, the piston rod is lowered to a certain position, and the contact is pushed by the lever to act. When the power is cut off, the relay is restored by the action of the spring.


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