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If you want to figure out how to wire the inverter, you must first understand what the #inverter is. The #inverter is a motor speed regulating device. It will output different voltages and frequencies to change the speed of the motor. From this function, it It is a variable AC power supply, which can receive a high-power power supply controlled by commands, and a high-power power supply is essentially a transformation technology, which requires the supply of high-power input power, so the so-called main circuit circuit is required; What kind of voltage and frequency this power supply should output is controlled by people or other equipment commanded by people, which requires a control loop circuit. The structure of the inverter is to first rectify the power frequency power supply into DC, and invert it into a power supply with variable voltage and frequency to drive the motor. Any inverter is the same, as long as it is connected to the main circuit and the control circuit.

The wiring method of the inverter:

1. The power supply should be connected to the input terminals R, S and T of the #inverter, and must not be connected to the output terminals (U, V, W) of the inverter, otherwise the inverter will be damaged.

After wiring, the broken wire must be cleaned, the broken wire may cause abnormality, malfunction and failure, and the #inverter must be kept clean at all times. When punching holes in the console, be careful not to allow debris, etc., to enter the inverter.

2. Between terminals + and PR, do not connect anything other than the recommended braking resistor option, or absolutely do not short-circuit.

3. Electromagnetic wave interference, the input/output (main circuit) of the inverter contains harmonic components, which may interfere with the communication equipment near the inverter. Therefore, install the optional radio noise filter FR-BIF or FRBSF01 or FR-BLF line noise filter to minimize interference.

4. During long-distance wiring, due to the influence of the charging current of the parasitic capacitance of the wiring, the fast response current limiting function will be reduced, and the instrument connected to the secondary side will malfunction and cause failure. Therefore, the maximum wiring length should be less than the specified value. Set Pr.156 to 1 when the wiring length is exceeded as a last resort.

5. Do not install power capacitors, surge suppressors and radio noise filters on the output side of the inverter. Failure to do so will result in inverter failure or damage to capacitors and surge suppressors.

6. In order to keep the voltage drop within 2%, the appropriate type of wire should be used for wiring. When the wiring distance between the inverter and the motor is long, especially in the case of low frequency output, the torque of the motor will drop due to the voltage drop of the main circuit cable.

7. After the operation, the operation of changing the wiring must be performed after the power supply is cut off for more than 10 minutes, and the voltage is checked with a multimeter. Dangerously high voltages remain on capacitors for a period of time after a power outage.


1. It is strictly forbidden to connect the output terminals U, V and W of the #inverter to the AC power supply.

2. The inverter should be properly grounded, and the grounding resistance should be less than 10Ω.

3. The #inverter has been stored for more than two years, and the voltage should be gradually increased with a voltage regulator when powered on. Storage for half a year or a year should be powered on and run for one day.

4. After the inverter is disconnected from the power supply, wait for a few minutes before maintenance operation. The DC bus voltage (P+, P-) should be below 25V.

5. Avoid installing the inverter in places where water droplets splash.

6. It is not allowed to short-circuit any ends of P+, P- and PB.

7. The main circuit terminals and wires must be firmly connected.

8. When the inverter drives the three-phase AC motor to run at low speed for a long time, it is recommended to use the inverter motor.


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