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In principle, the selection of the #softstarter should be larger than the capacity of the motor being driven. The rated capacity of the soft starter usually has two kinds of nominal: one is nominal according to the power of the corresponding motor; the other is nominal according to the maximum allowable current of the soft starter.

The following two points should be noted:

1) Based on the nominal rated capacity of the motor, the rated current of products with different voltage levels is different.

2) It is nominally based on the maximum allowable working current of the soft starter, and the rated capacity of products of different voltage levels is different.

In addition, comprehensive consideration should be given, such as the load capacity of the soft starter, working system, environmental conditions, cooling methods, etc.

So how to choose?

1. First select according to the motor nameplate parameters.

First understand the motor model, rated voltage, rated power, rated stator current, rated rotor current, torque, frequency of use, etc.

2. Fully understand the load situation.

If it is a light load, you can choose the standard configuration.

Mechanical loads such as belt conveyors, ball mills, brick machines, crushers, etc. are all heavy loads. In this case, increasing the capacity of the soft starter can improve the service life of the product. In the long run, it will reduce maintenance costs.

3. Look at the quality of the power grid.

Due to different working principles, some soft starters have a large starting current when they are working. If the grid voltage is low, only those with a small starting current, such as magnetic control soft starters and variable frequency starters, can be selected.

In addition, the quality of power grid power supply and whether the inverter and reactive power compensation device are running in parallel will cause abnormal operation or even damage of the soft starter. Attention should be paid to the design and selection of layout.

4. Pay attention to the number of starts.

Some operating conditions may require the motor to be started frequently. Then a variable resistance starter, such as a water resistance cabinet that can only start 3 to 5 times in a short time, cannot be selected. If the load is larger or the start-stop frequency increases, a product with a larger rating must be selected.

5. Fully consider the specific working conditions.

The objective factors of the operating environment of the soft starter, such as humidity, temperature, altitude, dust, etc., will affect the capacity of the equipment. For example, in high-altitude areas, it is necessary to increase the capacity of the soft starter. Factors such as strong ultraviolet rays in the plateau area and large temperature difference between day and night will cause the electronic components to age in advance. Therefore, it is also necessary to increase the capacity usage.

6. Combine your own design.

Motor soft starters are usually not stocked by manufacturers. Most soft starters are based on their own design schemes, such as: one-to-many, one-to-one choice.


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