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Check before installation

1. Check whether the soft starter is damaged during transportation.

2. Check whether the nameplate of the soft starter meets the design requirements of electrical equipment.

3. Check whether the soft starter and related quality certification technical documents in the packing box are complete.

installation requirements

1. The installation and wiring of the soft starter should follow the corresponding installation standards and safety regulations.

2. It is strictly forbidden to wire the soft starter when it is powered on.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use a megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance of the soft starter.

4. When the soft starter is working normally, it will automatically output bypass.

5. The soft starter must be connected to the load during debugging, which can be smaller than the actual load.

6. Active input is prohibited from the remote terminal of the soft starter.

7. When wiring the soft starter, the three-phase input power must be wired according to the specified phase sequence.

8. The number of soft starter starts is recommended not to exceed 20 times per hour.

9. The soft starter should be installed vertically, and should not be installed upside down, obliquely or horizontally, and the base of the installation should be firm and flat

Main circuit terminal wiring

1. The three-phase input power is connected to the R, S, and T input terminals of the motor soft starter after passing through the circuit breaker. There is no phase sequence requirement for the three-phase power supply.

2. To control the running and stopping of the motor soft starter, the run and stop keys on the operation panel or an external control loop should be used.

3. The motor soft starter is connected to the bypass electromagnetic contactor, and the phase sequence of the bypass connection is consistent and corresponding.

4. Capacitors and surge absorbers shall not be installed between the output terminals of the soft starter and the motor.

5. The grounding terminal of the motor soft starter must be well grounded.

Test run confirmation and parameter setting

1. Confirm that the use environment and input power meet the requirements of product technical performance and design.

2. Confirm that the wiring is correct, especially the input wiring of the power supply.

3. Confirm that there is no short circuit or short circuit to ground between terminals and live parts.

4. Confirm that all terminals, connectors, and connecting bolts are fastened and there is no looseness.

5. After the test run is checked and confirmed, according to the technical requirements of the electrical equipment, set and debug the function operation parameters and fault protection parameters according to the user manual.


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