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1. Inverter installation environment

First, confirm the operating ambient temperature range of the inverter: -10℃~50℃. When the ambient temperature is higher than 50°C, a well-ventilated place should be selected, and the use should be derated by 10% for every 5°C increase.

2. Installation site

◆ Places without corrosion, flammable and explosive gases and liquids;

◆ The humidity of the installation site is lower than 90%, and there is no condensation;

◆ Installed in a place where the vibration is less than 5.9m/(0.6g);

◆ Do not install in a place with much dust and metal powder;

If the user has special installation requirements, please consult the manufacturer in advance and confirm.

3. Installation precautions

During installation, please take effective protective measures for the inverter to prevent metal fragments or dust generated by drilling holes from falling into the inverter. After installation, please remove the shield.

4. Installation interval and heat dissipation

The inverter installation method is wall-mounted. The installation interval and distance requirements of a single inverter are shown in Figure 1. When the two inverters are installed up and down, the middle should use a guide baffle,

5. Screw-fixed installation method

This product adopts the diagonal two-hole installation method, and the installation hole size refers to the product outline size and installation size. Drill two holes on the installation surface, align the inverter against the installation surface and align the holes, then install the screws from the holes and tighten them. The screws are M4*L combination screws with spring washers and flat washers (length L is 12mm larger) , locking torque 1N.m±10%)

6. Removal and installation of terminal cover

A. To remove the terminal cover, press the terminal cover latch, and then remove the terminal cover.

b. To install the terminal cover, install the upper clip of the terminal cover into the corresponding joint of the upper shell, then press the clip on the side of the terminal cover, and press it upward until a “click” is heard at the joint.


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