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The phenomenon of inverter overcurrent

(1) When restarting, it trips as soon as the speed increases, which is a very serious phenomenon of overcurrent. The main reasons are: the load is short-circuited, the mechanical parts are stuck; the inverter module is damaged; the torque of the motor is too small, etc.

(2) It jumps when it is powered on. This phenomenon generally cannot be reset. The main reasons are: the module is broken, the drive circuit is broken, and the current detection circuit is broken.

(3) When restarting, it does not trip immediately but during acceleration. The main reasons are: the acceleration time setting is too short, the current upper limit setting is too small, and the torque compensation (V/F) setting is high.

Causes and Countermeasures of Overcurrent of Inverter

(1) Inverter output short circuit

Reason: It is often caused by the short circuit of the load, the most common one is the short circuit of the motor (the vibration of the motor causes the loose wiring and the short circuit causes the short circuit).

Countermeasures: During the normal production period, we have mechanical and electrical inspection personnel on site. During the period of regular maintenance, we clean and fasten the screws of each mechanical and electrical equipment.

(2) The mechanical parts are stuck or the phenomenon of “steel stuck” often occurs at the rolling site. At this time, when the load suddenly increases, the current will also increase. When the current exceeds the overcurrent value set by the inverter, in order to protect the internal components of the inverter, an “overcurrent” fault trip will be reported.

Reason: The transmission device is damaged; the process setting is unreasonable, the slab is too wide, and the plate shape is not good.

Countermeasures: Regularly inspect the mechanical devices, improve the process, and improve the operation level of the operators.

(3) The mechanical inertia of the transmission mechanism is too large, and the capacity of the motor is relatively small

Reason: When the inertia of the transmission machine is large, the motor capacity is too small, and the phenomenon of “small horse-drawn cart” will appear (especially at the beginning of startup), which will cause the motor current to be too large and cause the inverter to trip due to overcurrent.

Countermeasures: For large inertia loads, on the premise of ensuring the matching of the motor and the load, the voltage boost when the inverter is started at low speed can be appropriately increased, and the acceleration time of the inverter can be extended to prevent the occurrence of overcurrent faults of the inverter.


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