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1 The ambient temperature is too high

Reason: The inverter is composed of numerous electronic devices, which will generate a lot of heat when working, especially when the IGBT works in a high frequency state, the heat generated will be more. If the ambient temperature is too high, the temperature of the components inside the inverter will also be too high. In order to protect the internal circuit of the inverter, the inverter will report a high temperature fault and stop.

Countermeasures: Reduce the temperature of the place where the inverter is located, such as installing forced cooling measures such as air conditioners or fans.

2 Poor ventilation of the inverter

Reason: If the air duct of the inverter itself is blocked or the air duct of the control cabinet is blocked, it will affect the heat dissipation inside the inverter and cause the inverter to overheat alarm.

Countermeasures: Regularly repair the inverter, remove the garbage in its air duct, and smooth the air duct.

3 The fan is blocked or damaged

Reason: When the fan of the inverter is broken, a lot of heat is accumulated in the inverter and cannot be dissipated.

Countermeasure: Replace the fan.

4 Overloaded

Reason: When the load of the inverter is too heavy (small horse-drawn cart), it will generate excessive current and generate a lot of heat, and sometimes the inverter will overheat alarm.

Countermeasure: reduce the load or increase the capacity of the inverter (generally, the capacity of the inverter will be considered 1.8 times the load power when selecting equipment).


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