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Both are widely used in motor starting, but aren’t they the same thing? The soft starter manufacturer ZJSHUYI will learn this problem with you today.

Soft start is the gradual increase of the voltage from zero to the rated voltage, so that the starting current of the motor during the starting process is changed from uncontrollable overload impulse current to controllable. And the size of the starting current can be adjusted as needed. There is no impact torque in the whole process of motor starting, but smooth starting and running.

Star-delta startup is mainly used in application scenarios with relatively small motor power. When the motor starts, the motor is connected to a star-shaped connection. When the motor starts successfully, the motor is connected to a delta connection. After startup, it is changed to delta operation, and star-delta startup , it is a step-down start, which is realized by sacrificing power in exchange for reducing the starting current. The advantage is that the cost is low, and the disadvantage is that there is an impact during starting and star-delta switching and the starting current is not adjustable, but the wiring is complicated, and wires need to be drawn from the six terminals of the motor.

The soft starter has also developed from only the voltage start mode in the early days to a variety of start modes, which can cope with different load conditions, regardless of light load or heavy load. The advantages of soft start are obvious, that is, it can start smoothly without impact on the motor and load, and it also adds over-voltage protection, over-current protection, overload protection, circuit-break protection, etc., which can prolong the service life of the equipment and eliminate the impact. negative impact.

In general, star-angle start is a three-phase asynchronous motor with angular operation. In order to reduce the starting current, the star-shaped connection is used to start. After starting, it is changed to angular operation. There is an impact during starting and switching, and the starting current is not adjustable. Soft start is to control the conduction angle of the thyristor by the single-chip microcomputer to realize the smooth rise of the voltage from zero. The starting current, voltage and time can be adjusted within a certain range to achieve smooth start and reduce the impact. The wiring of the soft starter is also relatively simple, but in terms of project budget cost, the soft starter is a bit more expensive than the star-delta.


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