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The most fundamental difference between a variable frequency motor and a power frequency motor is the difference in the power supply between the two. The input voltage and frequency of the power frequency motor are relatively constant, while the input voltage and frequency of the variable frequency motor are changed, that is, because This factor determines that the operating conditions of the variable frequency motor are relatively bad. Therefore, necessary measures must be taken for the relevant links of the motor body to prevent the occurrence of quality problems during the operation of the motor.

The frequency motor is powered by a frequency converter, and the output of the frequency converter is a rectangular wave with a non-sinusoidal waveform. The high-order harmonics generated by the frequency converter have a great impact on the performance of the motor. The increase in loss, iron loss and additional loss, the most significant is the rotor copper loss. Due to the increase in losses, the most direct consequence is an increase in the temperature of the motor.

In view of the above reasons, the winding insulation structure of variable frequency motors is different from that of power frequency motors: the insulation level of variable frequency motors is at least one level higher than that of ordinary motors. Class F insulation design, in addition to the difference in insulating materials, the corresponding magnet wire will also be different:

(1) The heat resistance level of the magnet wire for variable frequency motor should match the insulation structure of the winding, and it should be selected according to the level of not less than 155.

(2) The magnet wire for frequency conversion motor should choose special magnet wire. The difference between this type of magnet wire and ordinary magnet wire lies in the particularity of insulating paint, which can avoid the discharge phenomenon and the heating problem of insulating medium, and can effectively ensure the safe operation of frequency conversion motor. Extend the life of the motor.

In practical applications, some motor manufacturers use thick-painted magnet wire on the variable-frequency motor windings, which can effectively alleviate the failure causes of the windings, but cannot fundamentally solve the problem. Therefore, from the analysis of the essential characteristics of the frequency conversion motor, the use of special frequency conversion magnet wire can effectively solve the problem of heat resistance and prevent the occurrence of corona.


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