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1. In order to prevent or weaken the interference signal, when the inverter receives the feedback signal, it should be filtered, and the filtering time (sampling time) can be determined according to the site conditions.

2. The start and stop time of the constant torque load can be run at full speed first, and then cut off the power supply to see the total time of free braking, and then set it according to 1/3 of this time.

3. Prefabricated slip compensation (the speed will not change when the load changes) and changing the carrier frequency can solve the problem of easy stall when the load changes.

4. For the selection of braking resistor, the braking current is half of the rated current.

5. The motor used for the constant power load should be much larger than the load.

6. The rotation speed is not allowed to exceed the rated rotation speed under quadratic law load. When running above the rated frequency, the effective torque will decrease. The power P is proportional to the 3rd power of the rotational speed, and the torque is proportional to the 2nd power of the rotational speed.

7. The efficiency of the blower is 0.88, then the power loss is P=P*(1-0.88), which is also his no-load power.

8. The centrifugal fan is a quadratic load, and the Roots fan is a constant torque load.

9. When the asynchronous motor is in the case of a large horse-drawn trolley, the power factor and efficiency are greatly reduced.

  1. 10.When the air volume is small, the wind pressure is also small. When the air volume increases, the wind pressure also increases, and when the air volume increases again, the wind pressure decreases.


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