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Overview of HL-5030 Travel Switch HL-5030

HL-5030 travel switch (hereinafter referred to as travel switch) is suitable for the control circuit of AC 50Hz, rated AC voltage up to 380V, DC voltage up to 220V, for controlling the travel of the moving mechanism and changing its moving direction or speed.

Normal operating and installation conditions

1 Installation site

The altitude of the installation site shall not exceed 2000m.

2 ambient air temperature

The upper limit of ambient air temperature should not exceed +40℃; the lower limit should not be lower than -5℃. The average 24h ambient air temperature does not exceed +35°C.

3 Atmospheric conditions

When the maximum temperature of the installation site is +40°C, the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50%, and a higher relative humidity can be allowed at lower temperatures, such as 90% at 20°C. Condensation should take special measures.

4 Installation conditions

Install in a place without significant shaking and shock vibration.

It is installed in a non-explosive medium, and there is no gas and dust (including conductive dust) in the medium that is sufficient to corrode metals and destroy insulation.

Install in a place where there is no rain or snow.

HL-5030 travel switch technical parameters

1 Rated insulation voltage Ui: 500V (50Hz);

2 Conventional heating current Ith: 5A:

3 The rated working voltage and rated working current are shown in Table 1:

4I frequency withstand voltage: 1890V, which lasted 1min without flashover and breakdown:

5 Insulation resistance: >100M

6 Protection class: IP66:

7 Mechanical life: 2 million times, electrical life: 500,000 times;

8 Allowable operation frequency: 120 times/min, allowable operation speed: 5m/s~ 0.5m/s;

9 Action performance parameters

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