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1. Professional and technical personnel shall be responsible for the installation and wiring of the soft starter, and follow the corresponding installation standards and safety regulations. Please read the manual carefully before installation and wiring.

2. When the soft starter is energized, it is strictly prohibited to connect the cable. Only after confirming that the power is disconnected can it be carried out, otherwise there is danger of electric shock.

3, when the equipment is not in use and maintenance, the air switch must be broken into the line.

4, the soft start loop is silicon controlled element, it is strictly prohibited to use high voltage ohmmeter to measure its insulation resistance.

5. The soft initiator automatically outputs bypass when it works normally.

6. The soft initiator must be loaded during debugging (it can be less than the actual load).

7, the main circuit must be added fast fuse.

8. When wiring, the three-phase input power must be connected to terminals R, S and T, and the output line connected to the motor must be connected to terminals U, V and W, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the soft starter of the motor.

9. During the maintenance of the motor soft starter, please be sure to turn on the power supply short first to ensure safety.

10. Since the soft starter itself has no short-circuit protection, in order to protect the thyristor, a fast fuse should be used (the low-voltage circuit breaker has a longer break time of 0.1s, which cannot effectively protect the thyristor). The fast fuse can be selected according to the product sample provided by the manufacturer and the rated current of the soft starter.

11. When the soft starter stops the motor braking, only the thyristor does not open, and there is no electrical isolation between the motor and the power supply. If the circuit and motor after the soft starter are repaired at this time, it is not safe, so the circuit breaker should be added before the soft starter in the primary control loop of the motor.

12. Because the soft starter uses nonlinear devices such as thyristors, when the power of the soft starter is large or the number of the soft starter is large, the high order harmonics generated will have a bad impact on the power grid and interfere with the electronic equipment in the building. At this time, a by-pass contactor can be installed. After the soft starter starts the motor to the normal speed, the contactor K closes and the soft starter is short-connected. That is, after the completion of starting, the high-power thyristor is in a non-on-off state to reduce the interference of high-order harmonics on the power grid and electronic equipment.

13. The soft starter will cause heat dissipation when it passes through the current. During installation, attention should be paid to leaving a certain space above and below it so that the air can flow through its power module. When the rated current of the soft starter is large, the fan should be used to cool the temperature. The power supply of the fan can be taken from the secondary loop of the motor control system.


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