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The SHUYI 380V AD350 Series AC driver is a state-of-the-art frequency converter that incorporates multiple safety and performance-enhancing features. Not only does it ensure the safe and normal operation of the device itself, but it also safeguards the smooth functioning of both upstream and downstream equipment.

Boasting a comprehensive control function, this AC driver seamlessly integrates with other control equipment and instruments, enabling centralized real-time monitoring and control of the entire system network. This integrated approach eliminates the need for users to worry about system compatibility and significantly reduces costs.

One of the key features of the SHUYI 380V AD350 Series AC driver is its robust nine-point protection technology. This includes:

  1. Overvoltage Protection: Prevents damage to the equipment caused by excessively high voltage.
  2. Undervoltage Protection: Ensures the device is not harmed when voltage drops too low.
  3. Overcurrent Protection: Guards against motor or inverter damage due to excessive current.
  4. (Dual) Overload Protection: Safeguards the equipment from damage when exceeding its rated load.
  5. Overheat Protection: Monitors the equipment temperature to prevent failures caused by overheating.
  6. Power Module Protection: Ensures the safe operation of the inverter’s internal power modules.
  7. Ground Fault Protection: Provides detection and protection against grounding faults in the equipment.
  8. Short-Circuit Protection: Quickly shuts off the power supply during circuit short-circuits to protect the equipment.
  9. Stall Protection: Automatically takes measures to prevent motor damage when a stall occurs.

With these advanced protection measures, the SHUYI 380V AD350 Series AC driver stands out as a reliable and intelligent choice for any application requiring precision control and maximum safety. Whether you’re looking for a solution for your industrial, commercial, or home use, the SHUYI 380V AD350 Series AC driver is the ultimate in safety and efficiency.

380V AD350 Series AC driver

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