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Frequency conversion speed regulation food conveying is developing rapidly in today’s food machinery industry. As a motor drive, variable frequency drive will change the overall equipment level of food machinery to a certain extent.

The effect of VFD is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

Increase production and reduce costs. The production process can be improved to increase product yield and quality, thereby effectively saving costs.
Through torque compensation, anti-stall, reclosing and other functions, software control is realized to ensure non-tripping operation.

How to choose a suitable frequency conversion speed control system to meet the increasing demand of modern food conveying has always been a difficult problem faced by food machinery manufacturers. A suitable inverter should be able to meet the food production environment, meet the changes of food-related loads, and be close to the psychological needs of users. The GK3000 series inverters offered by ATO are ideal OEM products. Application of frequency conversion speed regulation in food conveying Frequency conversion speed regulation is widely used in food conveying.

For example, cakes need to be conveyed by a conveyor belt before baking and evenly pass through the baking chamber according to different baking processes. This process adopts two kinds of conveying equipment (material conveying belt and baking line conveying belt), and the speed of the two kinds of equipment should be matched so as to be lifted at the same time. In the past, the speed control equipment completed manual mechanical strengthening transmission (such as changing the size of the pulley or the transmission ratio of the gearbox), but now it is possible to expand the speed control range through variable frequency drive to achieve stepless speed control. can also be achieved.

What is the difference between a governor and a frequency converter on a packaged food conveyor

The inverter is a device that converts the power frequency power (50Hz or 60Hz) into AC power of various frequencies to realize the variable speed operation of the motor. The control circuit completes the control of the main circuit, and the rectifier circuit converts the alternating current into direct current. The DC intermediate circuit smoothes and filters the output of the rectifier circuit, and the inverter circuit reverses the DC power into AC power.

Variable-frequency Drive (VFD) is a power control device that uses frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology to control the AC motor by changing the frequency of the motor’s working power supply. The inverter is mainly composed of rectification (AC to DC), filtering, inverter (DC to AC), braking unit, drive unit, detection unit and micro-processing unit.

The use of a speed governor or a frequency converter on the conveyor belt machine is generally selected according to the selected motor. When a motor below 400W is used, the speed governor is used to adjust the speed of the belt conveyor, and when a motor greater than or equal to 400W is used, the frequency converter is used for adjustment. However, no matter how much power the motor is used, it is possible to use the inverter to control it. The operation of the inverter is more complicated and expensive than the transmission, but the operation is much smoother and the functions are more complete. However, in order to save costs, some manufacturers will use simple governors within the range that can be used.


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