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Soft starter input power failure

1. Check whether the input power is normal step by step. First, check whether the input power of the soft starter is normal. If the input power is abnormal, check whether the fuse is blown and whether the circuit breaker is out of phase.

2. If it is determined that the input power supply is normal, first consider replacing the soft-starting motherboard. This fault has occurred many times due to the quality of the motherboard.

The soft starter panel has a black screen and no display

1. For such faults as blurry screen and black screen, most of them are quality problems, and the only way is to replace the soft-start motherboard.

2. If there is no display on the panel, first check whether the soft start control power supply (AC 220V) is normal. If the power supply is abnormal, then measure whether the fuse is blown, whether the circuit breaker is out of phase, and whether the control power line is disconnected.

Input phase sequence error fault

1. This fault mostly occurs when it is installed and used for the first time, and the phase sequence of the input power supply can be exchanged. The phase sequence protection has been set to: None when most devices are commissioned. The equipment in operation has not experienced a minor failure.

Motor overcurrent condition

1. First check the record information of the soft-start motherboard. Check whether the motor load is normal.

2. If no abnormality is found in the cranking inspection load, consider replacing the soft starter motherboard.

3. If it still cannot be turned on, finally check the motor phase-to-phase resistance and ground insulation.

The load current of the soft starter is abnormal

1. In view of this fault, pay attention to check whether the three-phase current recorded by the panel is missing or out of phase.

2. When the panel records that the current is unbalanced, first check whether the input power supply is normal. If it is normal, replace the spare soft starter motherboard, and try to turn on the motor again after the replacement.

3. If it cannot be turned on after replacement, check the ground insulation and phase-to-phase insulation of the motor.

4. Finally, check whether the main contactor, cable and thyristor are normal.


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