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With the rapid economic development, various enterprises have expanded production, and its electricity consumption can be imagined. The emergence of soft-start cabinets has eased the pressure on enterprises to use electricity. Soft start cabinet is mainly used for starting all kinds of high-power motors. The soft start is used to replace the traditional starting method to achieve smooth start, reduce the starting current, and reduce the mechanical impact of the large current on the motor and the impact on the power grid when the motor starts. , improve the quality of electricity consumption and save energy. Below, we will specifically talk about the necessity of the soft start cabinet in the entire point-of-use system.

Zhejiang Shuyi Electric Co., Ltd. talks about the necessity of soft start cabinet in power system

1. The soft start cabinet can slow down the impact on the power grid

The impact of the large current started by the large motor on the power grid is almost similar to the impact of a three-phase short circuit on the power grid, which often causes power vibration and the power grid loses stability. In addition, the starting current contains a large number of high-order harmonics, which will cause high-frequency resonance with the power grid circuit parameters, resulting in malfunction of the relay protection. Therefore, if the soft start cabinet is involved, the starting current will be greatly reduced.

2. Influence on the motor. The large current produces a great impact on the stator coil and rotor squirrel cage bar of the motor, which will cause the coil to deform and the squirrel cage bar to break.

3. Influence on motor insulation and life. Excessive starting current will increase the power loss on the motor and line. Especially in the case of frequent startup, slow startup, or long startup process, the power loss is greater, which is more likely to cause serious motor heating. Thus affecting the life of the motor. The soft start cabinet can reduce the current without affecting the life of the motor.

4. Excessive current causes grid voltage fluctuation, which will seriously affect the safe operation of other normal equipment in the same circuit.

In summary, the soft-start cabinet plays a role in protecting and coordinating the normal operation of the power system in the entire high-power power system. Safety is above everything else, let’s use the soft start cabinet.


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