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First of all, let’s understand, what is a variable frequency power supply? The variable frequency power supply converts the alternating current of the main power supply from AC→DC→AC into a pure sine wave. The output frequency and voltage can be adjusted within specific ranges. It is also different from the ordinary AC power supply, unlike the inverter used for motor speed control. An ideal AC power supply has the characteristics of stable frequency, stable voltage, zero internal resistance and a pure sine wave (no distortion) of the voltage waveform. The variable frequency power supply is very close to the ideal social AC power supply, so more and more advanced cultural development areas use variable frequency power supply as a standard power supply, which provides a superior power grid environment for public utilities, and it helps to objectively evaluate the performance of electrical equipment technology products. Evaluate. According to the different structure, there are two types of variable frequency power supply, namely linear amplification type and SPWM switching type.

What is a frequency converter? The frequency converter is composed of circuits such as AC-DC-AC (modulated wave), and the standard name of the frequency converter is variable frequency speed governor. Its output voltage waveform is a square wave pulse and multiple high-order harmonic components. The voltage and frequency are not adjusted separately, but change proportionally, which cannot meet the AC power requirements. In general, it cannot be used as a power source and is usually only used for speed regulation of three-phase asynchronous motors. Since the entire circuit of the variable frequency power supply is composed of information exchange-DC-AC-filtering and other parts, the signal waveforms of the output voltage and current are pure sine waves, making it an ideal AC power supply system in society. Very easy to approach the social ideal AC for power supply system power supply.

The principle and main function of the frequency converter: The frequency converter is an electrical energy control device that converts the power of an industrial power supply to another frequency using the on/off operation of a power semiconductor device. It can be divided into AC-AC inverter and AC-DC-AC inverter. AC-AC inverters can directly convert alternating current into alternating current with variable frequency and voltage. The AC-DC-AC inverter first rectifies the alternating current to direct current through the rectifier, and then converts the direct current power into alternating current with variable frequency and voltage through the inverter.


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