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The role of solid state relays

Solid state relays are non-contact switches composed of microelectronic circuits, discrete electronic devices, and power electronic power devices. The isolation device is used to realize the isolation between the control terminal and the load terminal. The input end of the solid state relay uses a tiny control signal to directly drive a large current load.

Solid-state relay is a new type of non-contact switching device composed of solid-state electronic components. It uses the switching characteristics of electronic components (such as switching transistors, triacs and other semiconductor devices) to achieve non-contact and non-spark switching. And the purpose of disconnecting the circuit, so it is also called “non-contact switch”. Solid state relay is a four-terminal active device, two terminals are input control terminals, and the other two terminals are output controlled terminals. It has both amplifying and driving functions and isolation functions, which is very suitable for driving high-power switching actuators , Compared with electromagnetic relays, it has higher reliability, and has no contacts, long life, fast speed, and little interference to the outside world, and has been widely used.

The dedicated solid state relay can have the functions of short circuit protection, overload protection and overheat protection, and the combination logic curing package can realize the intelligent module required by the user, which can be directly used in the control system.

Solid state relays have been widely used in computer peripheral interface equipment, constant temperature systems, temperature regulation, electric furnace heating control, motor control, numerical control machinery, remote control systems, industrial automation devices; signal lights, dimming, flashers, lighting stage lighting control systems; instruments; Instruments, medical equipment, copiers, automatic washing machines; automatic fire protection, security systems, and power capacitor switches as power factor compensation for power grids, etc. In addition, they are widely used in chemical, coal mines and other occasions that require explosion-proof, moisture-proof and corrosion-proof .


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