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In life and production, the leakage switch is often used, but the inverter is not used much sometimes. Most manufacturers often use the leakage switch as the main switch when installing switches in the workshop. When the frequency conversion control is used, the problem comes out, and the leakage switch takes a while. always trips. Personal experience is that when installing a machine with a frequency converter, it is necessary to remove the leakage current or use a separate molded case circuit breaker to prevent the switch from tripping. cause a malfunction!

When using an inverter, a leakage switch with a leakage current of 30MA cannot be used. The leakage switch cannot be used to protect personal safety. The main reason is that the inverter has leakage current, which will cause the inverter to malfunction. The line insulation is damaged and fire occurs.

Some customers choose the corresponding leakage protector for the inverter when using the inverter. The final result is: as soon as the inverter starts, the leakage protector starts, and the system cannot run at all.

Some people use frequency converters to control motors, and there is often leakage. Many people do not understand why leakage occurs, because we know that the leakage voltage ranges from tens of volts to 200 volts, and a little carelessness will threaten life. Here, we propose two options as follows:

Option 1: Connect the grounding end of the motor casing, the frame of the mechanical equipment and the grounding end of the inverter together. After connecting the ground wires of the machine, the inverter and the frame together, make them at the same potential and pass the frequency conversion. The inductive surge filter circuit inside the device absorbs and discharges, so that the induced voltage is greatly reduced, so that the voltage of the induced electricity generated by the rotation of the motor is also greatly reduced relative to the voltage of the power supply ground (that is, the earth), so that the When people touch it, they will feel electrified. That is to say, it does not matter if there is no power ground wire, as long as the ground of the motor, the ground of the inverter and the frame are connected together, so that the inductive surge filter inside the inverter will play a real role.

The second solution is to add an induction surge filter to the input power supply end of the inverter under the premise of the first solution. Connect the ground of the induction surge filter with the ground of the motor and the ground of the inverter (as shown by the red line in Figure 4), so that the induction surge filter can absorb the induced electricity of the motor again. And discharge, further reduce the induced voltage, to prevent the current leakage of electricity. The circuit principle of the added inductive surge filter is the same as the surge filter circuit inside the inverter. It is too large to be designed and installed in the internal circuit of the inverter, so it is externally connected.


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