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The soft start is mainly composed of three pairs of anti-parallel thyristor voltage regulating circuits connected in series between the power supply and the controlled motor. Modern soft starters basically use power electronic technology and microcomputer control technology, and use a single-chip microcomputer as the central controller control core to complete the measurement and various control algorithms.

Therefore, the soft starter has a strong function and flexibility. The whole starting process is carried out automatically under the control of digital program software. Using the electronic switching characteristics of the three pairs of thyristors, the size of the trigger angle is changed by controlling the trigger pulse sooner or later by the MCU or the single-chip microcomputer. And changing the size of the trigger conduction angle changes the conduction time of the thyristor, and finally changes the size of the three-phase voltage of the stator winding.

Main components:

1. Thyristor: Each phase has a pair of anti-parallel thyristors, which are the main power components and one of the main costs of soft starters. There are many domestic manufacturers of anti-parallel thyristors, ranging from cheap to expensive ones, with better quality. is uneven.

2. Control motherboard: Basically, every manufacturer has its own motherboard, and there are many general motherboards on the market, and the quality is different. Take the optocoupler, the actuator on the motherboard, for example. If the quality is not good, even if other parts are good, the soft starter will have to stop.

why? Because the optocoupler is easy to break in harsh environments, and the soft starter itself is a high-current environment, the current is large and the voltage drop is large during startup, and the working power supply on the motherboard fluctuates greatly, and it is easy to interfere with these components, thereby indirectly indirectly cause damage.


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