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1. It is required to reduce the starting current of the motor.

2. In normal operation, the motor does not need to have the function of speed regulation, only to solve the working state of the starting process.

3. The load is not allowed to reduce voltage and speed during normal operation.

4. If the motor power is larger than 100kw, it will cause bad influence to the operation of the main voltage transformer when starting.

5. The operation of the motor has strict requirements on the grid voltage, and the voltage drop is no more than 10%U.

6. No starting impact is allowed when the equipment starts.

7. The starting torque of the equipment is not large, and it can be started with no load or light load.

8. Medium and large motors need energy-saving starting. From the initial investment, it is more economical to use autocoupling step-down starting for motors with power below 75KW, while it is more economical to use soft starter for motors with power between 90-250kw.

9. Machinery for short-term repetitive work. Here refers to long-term no-load (light load less than 35%) short-term heavy load, high empty rate of machinery, or low load persistence rate of machinery, such as crane, belt conveyor, metal material calendering machine, lathe, punch, planer, shearing machine, etc.

10. Need to have a jump, smooth acceleration, smooth deceleration, fast stop, low speed braking, accurate positioning and other functions of the working machinery.

11. Long term high speed, short term low speed motor. When the load ratio is lower than 35%, the soft initiator has better energy saving effect.

12. Where there are multiple motors and these motors do not need to be started at the same time.

13. It is not allowed to shut down the motor instantly. Such as high-rise buildings and other pump systems, if the instant stop, will produce a huge water hammer effect, is the pipeline and even the pump damage.

14. Especially suitable for all kinds of pump or fan load, the need for soft start and soft stop occasions.

15. For high/medium voltage asynchronous motor, soft starter or frequency converter can be used for soft starting. The investment of step-down transformer, low-voltage inverter and step-up transformer is 2-4 times more than that of soft starter. Generally speaking, for the load with starting torque less than 50%, it is appropriate to use a soft starter; For the load with starting torque greater than 50%, it is advisable to use frequency converter.

16. Where convenient adjustment of starting characteristics is required.

Generally, when we use the soft starter, we need to select the model of the equipment according to the environment and other conditions of use, and do a good job of the overall use effect characteristics, so that the later use can be quick and convenient.


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