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Soft start cabinets are mainly used for various types of high-power motors to achieve smooth start, reduce starting current, reduce the mechanical impact of the large current on the motor when the motor starts and the impact on the power grid, improve the quality of power consumption, save energy, and prolong the use of the motor life.

We can also further combine the soft start control cabinet to achieve a variety of composite functions. The soft starter factory Zhejiang Shuyi Electric Co., Ltd. will briefly describe some functional expansion projects of the soft start control cabinet in recent years:

First, it can be equipped with a PLC controller.

The soft-start control cabinet is equipped with a PLC controller to form a “one-use and one-backup plan”, which can realize the automatic detection of the pump at regular intervals, the timing of shutdown, and the regular low-speed and low-pressure (no water) operation. .

Second: with a smart ammeter

Provide electricity visualization, can generate current, voltage, frequency, power, etc. in real time. Detect and record the operating efficiency of the equipment, and generate a report, which can compare the efficiency data with the time period.

Third: with the industrial magic box

The industrial magic box can be used to view the data of the control cabinet anytime and anywhere through the APP on the mobile phone, which is convenient for the continuation of the data calculation work related to the collection and arrangement of a large amount of data.

It can be more convenient to monitor the operation status of the equipment. If there is a problem with any one, the data will be alarmed directly, which is convenient for the workload of electrical maintenance personnel.

Fourth: used on various systems

It can also be applied to swimming pool water treatment control system, rainwater recycling system, remote control management system of water pump, fan control management system, sewage treatment control system, intelligent power distribution control system, lighting control system, remote supervision control of river reservoir pumping station, fire control control , water supply control system, heating control system and working condition control management system of major factories and enterprises, etc.


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