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With the development of modern science and technology to today’s level, soft starters, as one of the most common products in the electronics industry, also encounter some faults that should not occur, such as motor soft start burnout. This kind of failure is often related to the assembly level of the soft-start manufacturer and the process control. Often, the raw materials are not strictly controlled and the process detection is not in place, which are the hardest hit areas.

1. Phenomenon: The parameters of the soft starter cannot be set. Press the setting key to display 536 or other random numbers, and the parameters cannot be set.

Reason: It is a typical parameter confusion phenomenon. The main reason is that the soft starter is subjected to strong electromagnetic interference, which causes the control board program to go wrong.

Solution: Re-enter the control program.

2. Phenomenon: The start-up time is too long and cannot be switched to the bypass. After testing, it is found that the soft-start display current is larger than the measured current

Reason: There are three micro-transformers in the soft starter, which are used to monitor the current. It needs to be calibrated together with the control board during the factory debugging. The actual current and the displayed current must be one to one to be considered qualified. If the displayed current does not match the measured current, it means that the soft starter is unqualified in the factory inspection and calibration, or is missing inspection.

Solution: Return to the factory for recalibration, or disassemble the soft starter to find the correct adjustment component calibration on the control board. In addition, the voltage display does not match the actual is also the same solution.

3. Phenomenon: display output phase loss fault

Reasons: A, the UVW output terminal is unreliably connected to the motor, and the contact resistance of a terminal is too large; B, the load connected to the soft start output is not a motor load; C, the motor coil is out of phase; D, a group of thyristors in the soft starter ABC It was broken down and measured with a multimeter and found that both ends are open.

Solution: The three reasons above ABC are not the reasons for the soft starter, but the soft starter will display an error. Many people who don’t know it think that the soft starter is broken, so they must be listed one by one. If the first three reasons are not and the lack of phase is displayed, it is likely to be the last reason. The only solution is to return to the factory to repair and replace the thyristor module.


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