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A dual power automatic transfer switch is a switch that can switch between two power sources.

Molded case circuit breaker This type of power switching system uses molded case circuit breaker as the switching execution component, and the switching function is completed by ATS automatic control unit, with mechanical and electrical interlocking, complete functions, good operating performance, and high service life. Less and easy to install.

This category is a CB-class transfer switch appliance. It consists of two circuit breakers as the current breaking unit and is equipped with a current release, which has a certain protection capacity. The on/off capacity of the circuit breaker is much higher than that of the relay.


1) There is a reliable mechanical interlocking device and electrical interlocking protection between the two circuit breakers, which completely eliminates the possibility of closing the two circuit breakers at the same time. The agency has obtained national patent products.

2) The intelligent controller adopts the single-chip microcomputer as the control core, the hardware is simple, the function is powerful, the expansion is convenient, and the reliability is high.

3) It has the function of short circuit and overload protection, automatic conversion function of overvoltage, undervoltage and phase loss and intelligent alarm function.

4) Automatic conversion parameters can be freely set externally.

5) It has the intelligent protection function of the operating motor.

6) The device is equipped with a fire control circuit, when the fire control center sends a control signal to the intelligent controller, both circuit breakers enter the open state.

7) A computer networking interface is reserved for the realization of four remote functions such as remote control, remote adjustment, remote signaling, and remote measurement.


The development of dual power switching system products has generally gone through three categories: contactors, molded case circuit breakers/load isolation switches, and integrated automatic transfer switch appliances.

This type of power switching system of the contactor type uses the contactor as the switching execution component. The switching function uses an intermediate relay or a logic control module to form a secondary circuit to complete the control function. It is generally a non-standard product. The disadvantage is that the main circuit contactor needs a secondary circuit to work. Power on for a long time.

Faults such as temperature rise and heat generation, contact bonding, and coil burning are easy to occur. Because it is a non-standard product, it consists of many components, the product quality is restricted by the components and the manufacturing process, and the failure rate is high, and it has been gradually replaced by new products.

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