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What is a travel switch?

The travel switch uses the collision of the moving parts of the production machinery to make the contacts move to make or break the control circuit to achieve a certain control purpose.

The #travelswitch can be divided into direct-acting type, roller type and micro-acting type according to its structure; the direct-acting #travelswitch is composed of a push rod, a spring,

a dynamic breaking contact and a dynamic closing contact; the roller type #travelswitch consists of a roller, an upward rotation Arm, spring, sleeve frame, pulley, pressure plate, contact,

horizontal plate; micro-switch type #travelswitch is composed of push rod, spring, compression spring, dynamic breaking contact, and dynamic closing contact. Travel switches are widely

used in household appliances, machine tools and other production machinery, automatic production lines, lifting equipment and various metallurgical auxiliary machinery. #travelswitch

The travel switch, also known as the limit switch, also has a normally open point and a normally closed point. It is usually widely used on elevators. It is a commonly used low-current #travelswitch

master electrical appliance and a type of position switch. System and shell composition. The structure inside the travel switch is the same as the ordinary manual button and pedal button,

but the form of the outside operating mechanism is different, there are rotary type and push type. The operating mechanism drives the internal switch contacts to open and close. It can be

installed on relatively stationary objects (such as fixed frames, door frames, etc., referred to as still life) or on moving objects (such as vehicles, doors, etc., referred to as animals). When the #travelswitch

animal approaches the still life, the link of the switch drives the contacts of the switch to cause the closed contacts to open or the open contacts to close. The action of the circuit and the mechanism

is controlled by the change of the open and closed state of the switch contact. Travel switches are widely used in #travelswitch various machine tools and hoisting machinery to control their travel and perform

terminal limit protection. In the control circuit of the elevator, the travel switch is also used to control the speed of opening and closing the car door, the limit of automatic door opening and closing, #travelswitch and the

upper and lower limit protection of the car. #travelswitch

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