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When connecting circuits, we usually install contactors, relays, air switches and other equipment. Some people want to use contactors instead of relays. What is the difference between contactors and relays?

1. Different definitions

The contactor is an automatic switch used to disconnect the main current with load. It is generally installed in the main circuit to control the load electrical appliances. For example, the contactor can control the switch of the motor, etc. It is suitable for frequent operation and long-distance control. . Relays belong to electronic controllers and are generally installed in control circuits to regulate, protect and convert circuits.

2. Different contacts

The contacts of the contactor are in surface contact, and the contacts can carry a large amount of current. Generally, the current of the contacts is between a dozen amps to hundreds of amps, and multiple contacts in parallel can carry thousands of amps of current. The relay contacts belong to point contact, and the amount of current that the contacts can carry is small, generally around 5-10A, and the highest is not more than 16A.

3. Arc extinguishing device

The contactor has an arc extinguishing device, because the contactor has a large current, and a contact current will be generated when it is in contact. The relay does not have an arc extinguishing device, because the contact current of the relay is small, and no arc will be generated when it is touched. If the relay is used to turn on and off the DC circuit, two normally open contacts are usually connected in series, and the arc can be quickly extinguished without arcing.

4. Function

The contactor can turn on and off the circuit, it has thermal stability and overload capacity, etc., and these capabilities are generally not available in relays. The relay acts as a signal relay, which can control weak signals and break short-circuit current. The contactor can only passively withstand the impact of short-circuit current, and will not break the short-circuit current.

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