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The advantages of AC drive speed-regulated motors are as follows:

1. It is easy to adjust the speed and has the characteristics of energy saving

2. The frequency conversion motor has simple structure, small size, low cost and high durability

3. The capacity can be expanded to achieve high speed and high voltage operation

4. Soft start and quick braking

5. Strong adaptability to the environment

The difference between variable frequency motor and ordinary motor

1. Different cooling systems

The cooling fan in the ordinary motor and the fan core share the same line, and the cooling fan and the fan core in the variable frequency motor use different lines separately.

2. Different insulation grades

Because the variable frequency motor is subjected to high-frequency magnetic fields, the insulation level is higher than that of ordinary motors, and the thickness of insulating materials and slot insulation is higher than that of ordinary motors.

3. Different electromagnetic loads

The electromagnetic load of the variable frequency motor is higher than that of the ordinary motor, so that the magnetic circuit is not easy to be saturated. Frequency conversion motors are generally divided into constant torque special motors, special motors with feedback vector control with tachometer devices, and intermediate frequency motors.

Ordinary motors, if the frequency is changed by the inverter, will have the following effects:

If you are referring to an AC asynchronous motor, change the output frequency through the inverter, and the speed of the motor changes accordingly. The influence on the motor itself does include heat generation, possible insulation breakdown, and insufficient torque at too high and too low speeds.

There are several reasons for the heating of the motor itself:

First, the cooling fan of some motors is coaxial with the motor spindle. After the speed is reduced, the cooling fan speed will drop, resulting in poor heat dissipation, which may burn the motor.

Second, there are problems with the software and hardware of some inverters. The output du/dt is too large, resulting in too large di/dt, which may cause inter-turn breakdown or heat generation. The final result is that the motor is burned.


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