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AD800N series high-performance vector inverter, power range: 0.75-400KW, with generous hardware configuration to meet the needs of high overload and heavy load. AD800N series inverter adopts the most advanced current vector control technology and has excellent driving performance. 180% of the startup turns short, the rated current is 150%, up to 60S, and 100% of the impact negative cutting responds quickly. Reliable torque limit and fast current limit technology can reduce inverter tripping as much as possible. The product is powerful, and with the flexible expansion card PG card, the function and performance are further extended, which can meet all application functions. The launch of the Ad800N product not only represents the company’s variable frequency control technology has entered a new stage, but also provides a wider application space for the entire market.

The advantages of our frequency converters compared with ordinary frequency converters on the market are:

1. Low speed and high torque output

The original advanced current vector control technology and the self-detection function of motor parameters can output high torque characteristics even at very low speeds.

2. Torque quick response

Torque response open-loop vector: <20ms, torque response closed-loop vector: <5ms. It can realize stable load operation at ultra-low speed of 0.01Hz. Low torque ripple for smooth operation.

3. Fast rev tracking

Without relying on any hardware facilities, it can accurately judge the direction and speed of the motor. A variety of tracking methods to meet the application of different occasions.

4. Instantaneous power failure function

When the power grid is cut off and the power is turned on again, the energy generated by the motor itself is used to maintain normal operation. After a sudden power failure, there are two ways to deal with it, which is especially suitable for occasions where sudden shutdown is not allowed.

5. Strengthen the three-proof treatment

The use of multiple high-quality conformal paint spraying enhances the environmental adaptability of product applications. The PCBA of the whole series of products is treated with imported conformal paint, which has a longer life and reliability.

6. Master-slave control

When two motors or multiple motors actuate the same load, and the load distribution of each motor is required to be even, master-slave control can be used. Master Speed ​​- Slave Speed ​​flex connection. Master speed-slave torque rigid connection


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