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1. Three-phase asynchronous motor, since it was improved and invented by physicist Tesla, has been welcomed by industrial equipment with its simple and reliable superior performance, and has become the heart of industrial power system. However, due to the late maturity of high-power electronic devices and single-chip technology, the speed control effect of asynchronous motors is not ideal, so the speed control system is basically the mainstream of DC motors. It was not until the end of the last century that the frequency converter speed control system was truly mature, and the price was lowered, which completely subverted the speed control market and laid the foundation for the big brother in the speed control market. All of this, of course, is based on the fact that the frequency converter can be used in ordinary three-phase asynchronous motors. In the 1990s, the street was full of advertisements using frequency converters to save electricity for asynchronous motors. Until today, many users still like to install frequency converters for their ordinary motors. After all, it can save a little electricity, and the key It brings the convenience of changing the speed of the equipment. This fact also proves that the frequency converter is very mature and stable in the use of ordinary asynchronous motors.

2.In addition to being stable and reliable, any speed regulation system also has a speed regulation range problem, which is the ratio of the maximum high speed to the lowest speed 1. Of course, the speed regulation range of ordinary asynchronous motors is not high, mainly because the magnetic field of asynchronous motors does not DC motors have independent coil control, and many parameters are coupled together, so low-speed performance is not ideal, and high-speed is limited by factors such as bearings. For example, the frequency converter is generally recommended to be used above 8HZ, but it should not be higher than 75HZ. In this way, the speed regulation range is less than 10:1, which restricts the application of the frequency converter in some wide-range speed regulation applications, such as gantry machine processing. Very slow , and the speed fluctuation is required to be small, to ensure the machining accuracy, and to return to the position quickly after the machining is completed, so that the speed control range of the inverter is not enough to meet the speed control requirements. However, for many ordinary motors used in fan and pump applications, there is no such high-demand speed regulation performance. The high and low speed of the speed will not affect the equipment and process requirements. On the contrary, it brings many benefits, such as low speed and bearing wear. Also less, and because of the square torque feature, the speed is reduced by 10%, the noise is much lower, and theoretically it can save 30% of electric energy. The most successful part of the frequency converter is that it reliably solves the speed regulation problem of ordinary asynchronous motors.


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