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AC contactor is one of the most commonly used low-voltage control appliances in power drag and automatic control systems. As an executive element, it is used to connect and disconnect lines, or to frequently control the operation of electric motors and other equipment. It is composed of moving and static main contacts, arc extinguishing cover, moving and static iron cores, auxiliary contacts and bracket shells.

After the electromagnetic coil is energized, the moving iron core is pulled in under the action of electromagnetic force, and the moving contact is contacted with the static contact directly or through lever transmission, and the circuit is connected. After the electromagnetic coil is powered off, the moving iron core automatically returns under the action of the return spring, commonly known as release, the contacts are separated, and the circuit is disconnected.

AC contactors often use three arc extinguishing methods: double-break electric arc extinguishing, longitudinal seam arc extinguishing and grid arc extinguishing. It is used to eliminate the arc generated by the moving and static contacts during the opening and closing process. Contactors with a capacity of more than 10A have arc extinguishing devices. AC contactors also have auxiliary components such as reaction springs, buffer springs, contact pressure springs, transmission mechanisms, bases and terminals.

The working principle of the AC contactor is to use the electromagnetic force to cooperate with the spring force to realize the connection and disconnection of the contacts. The AC contactor has two working states: de-energized state (release state) and electrified state (action state). When the attraction coil is energized, the static iron core generates electromagnetic attraction, the armature is pulled in, and the connecting rod connected to the armature drives the contact to move, so that the normally closed contact breaker is in an electrified state; when the attraction coil is de-energized, the The electromagnetic attraction disappears, the armature is re-opened, the normally open contacts are closed and released under the action of the position spring, all the contacts are reset accordingly, and the contactor is in a power-off state.

The AC contactor uses the main contact to control the circuit, and uses the auxiliary contact to conduct the control circuit. The main contacts are generally normally open contacts, while the auxiliary contacts often have two pairs of normally open contacts and normally closed contacts. Small contactors are also often used as intermediate relays in conjunction with the main circuit.

The service life of the contactor is very high, the mechanical life is usually millions to 10 million times, and the electrical life is generally hundreds of thousands to millions of times.


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