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What is the role of the frequency converter? And what are its applications?
The function of the inverter is to realize the variable speed operation of the motor and adjust the power of the motor. This saves electricity.
Can also reduce power line voltage fluctuations. The voltage before and after frequency conversion is generally the same.
Frequency converters are often used to speed regulate the motors used to drive pumps and fans.

(1) What are the applications of frequency converters?

1, air conditioning load:
Office buildings, shopping malls and some supermarkets, factories have central air conditioning, in the summer peak, air conditioning power consumption is very large. In hot weather, the electricity consumption of air conditioners in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen accounts for more than 40% of peak electricity. Therefore, the use of frequency conversion devices to drag the refrigeration pump, cold water pump and fan of the air conditioning system is a very good power-saving technology. At present, there are many companies specializing in air conditioning power saving in the country, among which the main technology is frequency conversion speed regulation power saving.

2, crusher load:
Many crushers and ball mills are used in metallurgical mines and building materials, and the effect of such loads is remarkable after frequency conversion.

3, large kiln calcining furnace load:
Metallurgy, building materials, caustic soda and other large industrial rotary kiln (converter) used to be mostly DC, commutator motor, slip motor, cascade speed regulation or intermediate frequency unit speed regulation.
Because these speed regulation methods may have slip rings or low efficiency, in recent years, many units have adopted frequency conversion control, and the effect is excellent.

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