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Motor soft start is to achieve smooth start of motor and mechanical load by adopting technical means such as voltage reduction, compensation or frequency conversion, reducing the impact of starting current on the power grid, and protecting the power grid and mechanical system.

Make the output torque of the motor meet the requirements of the mechanical system for the starting torque, ensure smooth acceleration, smooth transition, and avoid destructive torque impact; make the starting current meet the requirements of the motor’s bearing capacity, and avoid the insulation damage or burning caused by the motor’s starting heat; make the starting current Meet the requirements of relevant standards for power quality of the power grid, reduce the voltage sag amplitude, and reduce the content of high-order harmonics.

Daily maintenance

Usually pay attention to check the environmental conditions of the soft starter to prevent operation under the environmental conditions that exceed its allowable conditions. Pay attention to check whether there are objects around the soft starter that hinder its ventilation and heat dissipation, and ensure that there is enough space around the soft starter (greater than 150mm). Regularly check whether the terminals of the distribution line are loose, and whether the components in the cabinet are overheated, discolored, burnt odor and other abnormal phenomena.

Regularly clean the dust to avoid affecting the heat dissipation, prevent the thyristor from being damaged due to excessive temperature rise, and also avoid leakage and short-circuit accidents caused by dust accumulation. The dust can be cleaned with a dry brush, and can also be used for leather tiger blowing and vacuum cleaner suction. For large dirt, use an insulating rod to remove. If possible, it can be blown off with compressed air of about 0.6MPa.

Usually pay attention to observe the operation of the fan. Once the fan speed is slow or abnormal, it should be repaired in time (such as removing grease, dust, adding lubricating oil, and replacing damaged or deteriorated capacitors). The damaged fan should be replaced in time. If the soft starter is used without a fan, the thyristor will be damaged.

If the soft starter is used in a humid environment or is prone to condensation, it should be dried with an infrared light bulb or a hair dryer frequently to remove moisture to avoid leakage or short circuit accidents.


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