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As a voltage regulator, the soft starter protects the equipment used. The first thing we buy back, we need to do some debugging, the first thing to do is to choose the startup method according to the specific application.

Debug sequence of soft starter:

1. Selection of starting mode and starting time of soft starter: ① For soft starters of general power, the larger the load, the longer the starting time; ② When the quality of power supply of the power grid is relatively high, the current limit start can be selected, and the same load The larger the value, the longer the startup time should be.

2. Check whether the motor can rotate normally and flexibly, otherwise it will never start.

3. Check the parameters of the fan, motor and soft starter. Parameters checked include voltage, current, power, and the number of poles of the motor.

4. The commissioning sequence is manual cranking, air-dropping control loop, motor idling, and running with load.

5. Check the insulation resistance of the motor. This work must be done before the motor is connected to the soft starter, because the starting circuit is composed of thyristor components. When the motor and the soft starter are connected, if the motor insulation resistance is measured with a high-voltage megohmmeter, the thyristor will be damaged.

Problems that should be paid attention to in soft start live debugging:

1. The soft starter cannot be started frequently, because the high current of frequent starting will burn the thyristor. The number of soft starts is required to be 10~20 times/h, and the time interval of starting with load is 3~6min.

2. After the start signal is sent, the motor will stop immediately after rotating slowly and the line protector will act. In this case, the motor may be blocked, and it should be restarted after the blockage is removed.

3. After the start signal is sent, the motor starts to start, but the protection trip occurs shortly after the start. The reasons for this failure are that the parameter adjustment of the motor thermal protection is too small, the number of motor poles does not match the design, and the fan leaks air. The fault should be eliminated before starting.

4. After the start signal is sent, the motor cannot start. There are many reasons for this situation, such as the main circuit and the control circuit are not energized, the wiring of the control circuit is wrong, and the motor has an internal fault.

In short, in order to protect the circuit safety as much as possible, please try to avoid debugging operations under the power, and this may damage the parts of the equipment.


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