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Soft starter is a kind of motor control equipment with various protection functions, and various faults will also occur in the application. , Due to the variety of operation methods, the maintenance method of soft start is also more complicated. You should know that a complete soft starter is a standard motor starter controller that can be used to protect and control medium and high voltage AC motors. Its operation process can be divided into four processes: starting preparation, starting process, running and stopping process. The following will introduce you one by one. The first is the preparation of the soft starter operation process. In this process, control and power have been added to the starter, and its protection includes short circuit to SCR, bypass clutch, and contact melting short circuit. Other detection and protection features, whether the soft starter temperature rise fuse indicator light is in the correct sequence (if selected), the power input frequency tripping range, the external input fault,

Once again, it is the starting process during the operation of the soft starter. When it gets a starting command, the protection function starts to work. The starting curve, acceleration time, and the phase-to-phase balance circuit are short-circuited and the load is added. Before adding the load, the phase-to-phase leakage current is detected. Then there is the running process during the operation of the soft starter: when the motor is running at full voltage and gold, the motor current will drop below FLA. During the running process, the following protection functions will take effect, the running overload curve phase current is too low and the load loss is too high. Current electronic positioning pin detection. There is also the shutdown process during the operation of the soft starter. If it gets an emergency command, it should choose different protection functions based on different ways of getting it. The choices are as follows: 1. Soft stop mode: all protections during operation will be maintained. characteristic. At the end of the stop, enter the following coasting stop protection state: 2. Coasting stop mode: the power supply is immediately disconnected from the motor and restored to the start preparation completion, the coasting deceleration rotation deceleration counts the number of starts per hour, and the starting time is the same as the interval.

During maintenance inspections,

1. Always pay attention to check the environmental conditions of the soft starter to prevent it from running under the allowable environmental conditions.

2. Pay attention to check whether there are objects around the soft starter that hinder its ventilation and heat dissipation, and ensure that there is enough space around it. Regularly check whether the terminals of the power distribution line are loose, and whether the components in the cabinet have abnormal phenomena such as overheating, discoloration, and burnt odor.

3. Clean the dust regularly so as not to affect the heat dissipation, prevent the thyristor from being damaged due to excessive temperature rise, and also avoid leakage and short-circuit accidents caused by dust accumulation.

4. Usually pay attention to observe the operation of the fan. Once it is found that its speed is slow or abnormal, it should be repaired in time.

5. If the soft starter is used in a humid environment or is prone to condensation, it should be dried with an infrared light bulb or a hair dryer frequently to drive off the moisture to avoid leakage or short circuit accidents.

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